vendredi 30 septembre 2016

Did Dewey Ever Refute or Pretend to Refute His Proof For God?

In his first book, titled Psychology*, Dewey argued that logic proved God. This claim provoked a ‘fiery response’ from his former professors, including G. Stanley Hall and William James at Harvard. Hall himself was also reared by devout Christian parents, who agreed to send him to college only if he would study for the ministry. At college, Hall also “was especially attracted to Charles Darwin’s ideas, and soon turned into a full-blown eugenicist”. (p. 158) Hall also soon agreed with Darwin, arguing that allowing inferior humans to breed is counter-productive to evolution, and “interfered with the movement of natural selection toward the development of a super-race”. (p. 158) Swanson then documented that this event was the start of the pressure on Dewey to reject Christianity. A critical factor was that Dewey came to consider Darwin as the greatest philosopher ever, and even wrote an article defending this view, titled “The Influence of Darwin on Philosophy” (p. 159).

So, Dewey agreed with C. S. Lewis and van Til. Logic proves God.

THEN he went atheist.

What did he THEN argue about origin of logic? Any possibly atheist reader who knows?

* Quote from a review on CMI:

Darwin’s corrosive influence on literature and society as a whole
Review of Apostate—The Men Who Destroyed the Christian West by Kevin Swanson
Reviewed by Jerry Bergman

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