mercredi 13 juillet 2016

Improbable, but True : Richard Carrier Exists

Richard Carrier
Because Christians don’t understand how evidence works, they’ve literally argued that there is no more evidence for my existence than there is for the existence of Jesus their Christ. Never mind that that’s already wildly false. Here is your chance to see how evidence works, and confirm for yourself, as an eyewitness, that I do indeed exist!

This is a modern-day whistle-stop tour. I’ll be driving each day from one major city to the next, and giving a talk, or appearing in some public fashion selling and signing my books, and happily chatting and glad-handing and posing for photos for anyone who wants to verify my historicity.

OK, but apart from scale of voyage and means of locomotion, Jesus did the same thing.

Richard Carrier
Here is the tour schedule…

  • Reno (May 24)
  • SLC (May 25)
  • Denver (May 26)
  • Omaha (May 27)
  • Kansas City (May 28; then May 29)
  • Columbus (June 14)

Reminds me of a tour schedule like Nazareth, home of Elizabeth, Bethlehem (born + possibly first two years), Egypt, Nazareth, Jordan, Desert (no human witnesses, for once), lake Genesareth, Cana, several places in Galilee, Samaria and Judea, Jerusalem, Mount of Olives, Palaces of iniquitous judges, Via Dolorosa, Calvary, the Tomb, several places including Lake Genesareth, Mount of Olives, visible rise up into the sky to disappearance in clouds.

Also reminds me that if any of these places shall convince me Richard Carrier exists, I am not there and have to depend on second hand evidence - just as we now (most of us, excepting the very rare persons who had visible apparitions) have to depend on second hand evidence for Jesus having been on Mount of Olives.

Uhh… That post questioning your existence was a satire of your arguments. Sorry to break it to you.

Richard Carrier
The satire only works if they believe the analogy holds.

If in fact the evidence for my existence is good, in precisely the ways it isn’t for Jesus, the analogy doesn’t hold.

So at best, they are writing a satire of themselves.

Which of course they were not doing. They actually think their argument holds. That’s why they think it’s a satire of me and not them.

So far from an analogy not holding, it holds very well.

A few get the chance of seeing.

A lot have to do the believing.

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