jeudi 24 octobre 2013

Dawkins's bad logic

A Muslim who believed Mohammed flew to Heaven on a winged horse asked Dawkins:

"How do you know I am wrong?"

Dawkins answered:

"Oh, come on, you are a man of the twentyfirst century!"

That is not logic. That is making the Century one lives in the Religion one believes in and everyone else has also to believe in. It is as illogical as saying "I am a man of Tuesdays" and attach especial importance to news read in newspapers or ideas thought about on exactly Tuesdays as opposed to other week days.

Only, since the Century unlike the Tuesdays is larger than one's own life, one is less likely to notice the bad logic.

Furthermore he expressed a hope that as Zeus and Thor were dead religions, so it will happen to the God of Abraham.

It did not occur to him that neither Epicurus nor Zenon, but only Jesus Christ actually killed old paganisms off all across Europe. It is like wanting to get rid of Yersin along with the Yersinia pestis. Or like getting rid of Pasteur along with Rabies.

And that attacks like his on the Christian God are only helping to revive in a spookish sort of way the old beliefs./HGL

Source: IRISHINFIDEL : Richard Dawkins Debates Flying Horses with Muslims

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