vendredi 22 février 2013

No natural explanation

It happened. There is no natural explanation. It is a true miracle.

It happened, since John was one of those seing it and the man who wrote the Gospel.

There is no natural explanation - as seen in the explanation in the video here:

The Wedding of Cana was thus a true Miracle.

Or like the Bavarian said - "do you call that news? Was just a miracle that happened." (The German joke about the Bavarian at Cana is even better: "Kan wunder, is halt a Wunder geschehn")./HGL

PS, I do not know what came after it, but Christ is not repeating it because Atheists want to "test it" by asking Christian children to ask for a repeat. Fides ex auditu, that miracle was for there. We know about it because we heard about it, through the Church keeping this Gospel and recording its authorship./HGL

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  1. Ah, no, his claim was simply that no believer ever regenerated a limb - which is false, St Lucy of Sicily was devout enough to obey a bit too literally "if your right eye is a snare to you pluck it out" she did it with both eyes for her Pagan admirer - who admired her eyes - and God immediately gave her eyes back when she had done the offer.