dimanche 13 mars 2011

Some things atheists might find odd if I did not warn you before ...

I am linking to a site through a blog page of mine, more specifically to my debates or such as very much interest me on Catholic.com, but do also read some of the other things on that blog, will you.


I mean, one staple of atheist argumentation is from wrongness of geocentrism and one staple answer is "does not matter, God did it anyway, and Bible passages expressing Geocentrism are adapted to the common language of the period" ... which is fair enough if you are certain geocentrism is wrong. I e if you are certain your eyes and innerears show you the inverse of the realities of daily and yearly motions, when nobody's eyes seem to have seen the recto version. Except maybe Neil Armstrong's and a very few others' for a short while.

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